Thursday, April 11, 2019

Fatdog64 800 Release

Installation Links
Main Web page Fatdog64 800 Release  800 Release Notes
Minimum requirements: 64-bit x86-64/AMD64 CPU and 1GB RAM. Most Intel and AMD CPUs produced after 2008 support 64-bit (including many Intel Atoms).

Download .ISO file here:  ISO directory

Forum Posts for Fatdog64 800 Release

FAQ harddrive install page

UEFI. Partition, Windows 8 install notes

super-grub2-disk website. Look for file supergrub2_x86-64.EFI.

Copy file to EFI fat32 boot partition among the other UEFI boot files.  Use this to help select / manage which partition you wish to boot when grub is borked.

I like the Fatdog64 800 for gparted app and LibreOffice 6.1.2 app for ability to export PDF files from a document file. Last ability
to import pictures from smart phone using MTP media Transport Protocol.  All very fast execution.

USB flash drive writer tools. Rufus 1.5 megabyte single file application for Windows operating system. . Balena Etcher tool supports Windows, MacOS, and Linux for safely writing a single .ISO file to a USB flash drive.  50 - 70 megabytes in Size.

Popsicle tool GitHub

My Twitter post link to here.

Monday, March 18, 2019

120 GByte HP SSD S600 $20 at Office Max

HP SSD S600 120GB, 240GB available at Office Depot, Office Max, and Staples
2.5" SATA form factor

PNY SSD CS900 120GB, 240GB  2.5" SATA form factor,store:14138474858560335242&prds=oid:2848764633364273692&q=officemax+ssd&hl=en&ei=MSuQXPqpOqvP0PEPhbidoA0&lsft=adlpxid:pla;757375355992;325594113029;m;9032963;pla-757375355992;2801236;pla;local;1405&lsft=gclid:Cj0KCQjwg73kBRDVARIsAF-kEH9NEEdhqeCIxo74trmtpB--5-v_1oo05L42BvSPWxneSIw332jeOe0aAvM5EALw_wcB

Here you go, tryout a 2.5" inch SATA SSD solid state drive in your laptop or desktop to improve Steam Gaming experience.


I will post about installing LinuxMint 19.1 Tessa to this SSD and then install Steam and update drivers.  Cinnamon, Mate, or Xfce  Desktop Environments your choice.


Here is my fork with updates to jon bitzens ConvergenceOS
To use this to help install Steam on Ubuntu 18.04, Linux Mint 19.1, or Debian 9.6:
Open a terminal window, change directory to home, and issue a git command
to download the files of the ConvergenceOS directory
cd ~
git clone
cd ConvergenceOS
You may repeat run this bash shell script file ./  It will update your LinuxMint operating system, create a couple desktop icons, and install Steam application to your user.

My Fedora Reddit Comment on install glibc-i686 32 bit library to fix missing when starting Steam
 sudo dnf install glibc-i686

I welcome you questions and comments below to create a better Steam Installation experience.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Linux Mint 19.1 available

 you are tired of the Windows 10 nonsense, and want to try an alternative operating system, Linux Mint is a great starting point. Make no mistake, however, even though it is a good option for beginners, many experts use it too. Today, the newest version becomes available for download -- Linux Mint 19.1 "Tessa." This follows a fairly short beta period.
 I use and enjoy Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa on my own 120 Gigabyte 2.5" inch sata SSDs.   Fred

Asus Just Gave You 1 Million Reasons To Switch From Windows To Linux.

Cyber-security and antivirus company Kaspersky dropped a bomb on Asus laptop users this week, revealing that malware was distributed through the Asus Live Update utility. It masqueraded as a legitimate security update, and even boasted a "verified" certificate -- hosted on Asus servers -- to make it appear valid.

Well what is your opinion?  Sticking with Windows 10?   Want to change to Linux?

DistroWatch informattion on 100 Linux distributions.

Puppylinux 8.0 Bionic Beaver version

Fatdog64 800 release

Gaming on Linux series of article by Jason Evangelho at

about using Steam and Proton on various Linux distributions Like:

  1. Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa

  2. Fedora 29

  3. Solus

  4. POP!_OS

  5. Ubuntu 18.04

  6. Manjaro 18.1 KDE


I personal have used Linux Mint 19.1 and Fedora 29 and Fatdog64 800

Would you like to buy a 120 Gigabyte 2.5" Sata SSD disk drive with one of those 6 linuxes preinstalled and with application Steam already installed?

$49.00  plus shipping  sent via United States Postal Service (USPS) to any of the 50 states and Puerto Rico. 

Fred Finster   Email me Here. I will respond to your questions. 

Friday, February 23, 2018

3 Free Live Linux Distros to Use on a USB Flash Drive. And one BSD, one Android-x86

3 Free Live Linux Distros to Use on  a USB Flash Drive.  And one BSD

PuppyLinux XenialPup 7.5 (UEFI and Legacy BIOS both supported)  Beginners Forum Help  XenialPup 32bit Forum Posts

Slacko PuppyLinux 6.3.2 compatible with Slackware repositories (UEFI BIOS supported and works with Legacy BIOS)

It should work with any Bios.
Being identified with UEFI, only indicates it has the added stuff, that a UEFI bios may need.


Pixel Desktop x86 from

And one BSD .ISO File,  GhostBSD 11.1

Exton Linux Live versions.  Many Many to read about
 AndEX | Android-x86 Custom

Jide Remix OS for PC

Use either tool to write a .ISO file to a USB Flash drive from MS Windows O/S
  2. Rufus
  3. Linux Live USB Creator  Wikipedia Entry for Rufus   How To use Rufus Article, Tech Republic

The Goal here is to create a usable Live Linux or BSD computer environment on a USB Flash Drive.  You can carry this personalized computer environment in your own pocket.  It is stable and will allow you to connect to the interenet through Wi-Fi or ethernet interfaces.  You may give this USB Flash Drive to someone that does not have a computer.  Maybe they find a computer with out  a hard disk drive.  Plug in this Live Linux USB Flash drive and computer will boot up and be useable!

I like and use PuppyLinux  XenialPup 7.5 (supports UEFI Bios)or Slacko Puppylinux  6.3.2 (supports legacy BIOS).  These are small 300+ Megabytes .ISO file image size.

LinuxMint 18.3 is large and complete Linux at a 1300 Megabytes .ISO file image size

RaspberryPi Pixel Desktop for x86 is large and good Debian 9 "Stretch" Linux with a Pixel Desktop Environment.

GhostBSD 11.1 is large 1900 Gigabytes Mate or Xfce desktop environment on top of FreeBSD 11.0 base.  Check that you have a FreeBSD supported Wi-Fi device.  Atheros,  Qualcomm Atheros devices are supported.   A USB nano Wi-FI device that plugs into USB port provides a workaround if your internal laptop Wi-Fi device is not supported.  Edimax EW-7811un nano USB Wi-FI device setup

FAQ Wiki
Other URL Links

From  a PuppyLinux Forum entry  Newbies - Puppy needs YOUR help too!
There are certain quirks that are annoying. I suppose if one is not familiar with linux they are stressful. if not for the people who create programs and lend their experience on this forum, it would be a complete horror. A person would have to realize that any open source program usually relies on volunteer effort and doesn't have to adhere to more stingy corporate Microsoft guidelines.

To me, over the last 10 or years it's been a learning curve mixed with challenges. It taught me discipline and when to walk away without killing or breaking something or someone. both maybe.

As far as public forums go, you can't read emotion very well. that's a dicipline in itself. I will admit, there are a few that can be taken wrong by how they convey there message. Except Mike walsh and musher0. I'm mostly an observer and learner but those two stand out as the most friendly people I've LOL. Semme, if he is still around., has my respect for sheer wealth of knowledge packaged in a seemingly first glance textual arrogance.

Not a personal opinion of character, just easy to take the wrong way through grammar.

As far as an out of the box normal puppy, I dunno. Nothing is going to be like that. Never has for me. Reminds me, as a mechanic, I always wondered why there had to be so much complicated computerized equipment that seemed to change everyday. battery in the wheel well, in the trunk, under the seat. alarm systems tied into things that are not accessible to the average joe. I'd love to buy a car that had the simplicity of a Chinese scooter. Not gonna happen in the big corporate USA. Parts and service are a huge profit percentage. I just have to accept it. I could go to a motor forum and complain but that's not gonna change a dang thing. I just have to learn and adapt, take the good with the bad and try not to go mentally insane.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

XenialPup 7.5 Linux and USB Flash writer

Test Drive XenialPup 7.5 with a UEFI and Legacy BIOS both supported.  Booting Live Linux from a USB flash drive
  1. Create a new folder in your home directory.  
  2. Download XenialPup 7.5 .ISO file into this new folder.   xenialpup-7.5-uefi.iso
  3. Download application program version 1.3.1 or later

    v1.3.1 - 2018-01-23

    and install this program into your MS Windows operating system (or MacOS or Linux 32 bit or 64 bit).
  4. Insert a blank USB Flash drive into USB socket on your computer. 
  5. Execute  the Etcher program.  Select XenialPup 7.5 .ISO file.  Then select the USB Flash drive. Now start the process to write the selected .ISO file into the selected usb flash drive.  This will overwrite the previous contents of that usb flash drive.  None of the previous contents of the usb flash drive will be saved! the USB Flash Drive and SD memory card writer

XenialPup 32bit Forum Posts  

Wikibooks entry for Puppy_Linux  Introduction to PuppyLinux Slacko

Youtube Video Links for XenialPup 7.5 

Yonn Lopez XenialPUP 7.5, Compatible with Ubuntu 16.04 'Xenial Xerus'

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

10 minutes, 2 downloads, 1 USB Flash Drive. Test PuppyLinux using a MS Windows computer.

How Can I test drive a Linux or BSD Distribution, starting from MS Windows and a USB Flash Drive?

Take 10 minutes, 2 downloads, 1 USB Flash Drive to create a bootable USB flash drive with PuppyLinux  Operating System from any version of MS Windows; Vista, XP, 7, 8   

  1. First Download try with Slacko 6.3.2 Puppy Linux .ISO file   200 Megabyte download.Here is the download URL Link   32 bit or 64 bit your choice!
  2.  Second Download , Rufus.exe the 1.5 Megabytge USB Writer program for MS Windows
  3. Optional USB Writer program Etcher,  70 Megabytes download for MS Windows, MAC OS, Linux.  URL Link Burn images to SD cards & USB drives, safe & easy.
  4. Use Rufus.exe or  to write / burn the .ISO file to a USB Flash Drive.
  5. Leave the USB Flash drive inserted and reboot the computer.  The computer should boot from the USB Flash drive.  If not change the BIOS drive boot order to boot from a USB Flash Drive first, the CD-ROM second, and the hard drive third.