Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What do you like about PuppyLinux or PCBSD? Comments welcome, links provided.

Puppy Linux works on most computers when booting from a USB Flash Drive or booting from a Compact Disk (CD). http::/ Look for TahrPup 6.0.2 version .iso file Sekect PAE version if DRAM memory is 4 gigabytes or larger. Select NOPAE version if less than 4 gigabytes of DRAM or  the computer has an older cpu version.

Slacko version 6.3.0    download link
Slacko Puppy Linux uses the Slackware 14 repositories for additional programs to download and install to Slacko puppy linux.   I like Slacko 6.3 because it is well polished and just works.

Here is a kernel updated to 4.3 of Slacko 6.3.0 with VLC added to view netflix videos. use Rufus.exe file to write/burn the TahrPup 6.0.2 file to the USB Flash Drive. another application to FTP download your choice of Linux distributions .ISO file and write/burn the file into a USB Flash Drive.  Linux Live USB supports PuppyLinux Trusty Tahr 6.0 and Rosa 17.3. among many other Linux distributions.  is a Linux, MAC, tool to write a .ISO Image file to a USB Flash Drive.  Is the search page for PuppyLinux Forum Posts.  DistroWatch has much information on over 100 Linux Distributions along with download links and web links.

From MS Windows you can also burn a CD or DVD with a .ISO file using "ISORECORDER"

PCBSD has to be installed into a primary partition (not a logical partition, ) on a hard drive. Normally a windows install uses 3 primary partitions, so use "gparted" to resize the largest partition down in size. You can move all the files to the beginning of the partition first, before using gparted.  This leaves extra disk space to create a 4th primary partition to install PCBSD into. Need about 50 gigabytes for the partition size.  You can boot puppylinux from a USB Flash drive and use the Gparted tool to resize the partition.

PCBSD adds GUI additions to a freebsd O/S. FreeBSD is very stable and is used on a majority of web servers, So that means your use of PCBSD as desktop environment (on you desktop pc or laptop pc) will give you a very stable environment that is not subject to viruses. No more updating of virus software. PCBSD has an automatic update for security packages.

The choice is yours PuppyLinux for quick use on a computer from a USB flash drive or PCBSD for a stable full desktop that has the ZFS file system.